Philharmonie Luxembourg – February 2023 the discovery

I started attending concerts at the Philharmonie a few years before relocating to Luxembourg, and each time it was a new discovery.

In addition to its architecture and the amazing acoustic, the magic of this place is that, while most of the people think about it as a venue dedicated to a “classical” repertoire only, its real strength has always been to have a diverse and multi-faceted program, with artists and performances which can really meet the most diverse music tastes.

In 2023, after a process of incredible rebranding, the Philharmonie has presented a program which has raised the bar even more for the years to come.

As an example, the first two events I chose to attend in February could hardly be more different.

Ambrose Akinmusire’s Owl Song feat. Bill Frisell & Gregory Hutchinson

Photo:  Alfonso Salgueiro/Philharmonie Luxembourg

There is too much noise in this world and sometimes it is very difficult to find silence, peace. It is difficult not to be distracted by wat surrounds us. We are constantly exposed to too much information, preventing us from understanding what is true and what is fake.

In his latest album, Owl Song, Ambrose Akinmusire has taken these concepts seriously.

“This is my reaction to being assaulted by information,” Akinmusire says of Owl Song. “This record is me wanting to create a safe space. Part of the challenge was: Can I create something that’s oriented around open space, the way some of the records I love the most do?” (quote – Ambrose Akinmusire’s official website).

This album represents his debut with Nonesuch records and features a trio with two musicians Akinmusire has long admired, guitarist Bill Frisell and drummer Herlin Riley.

At the Philharmonie, Ambrose Akinmusire is accompanied on stage by Bill Frisell, who has been defined as one of America’s 21 most vital and productive performing artists. As part of the title of his biography “Bill Frisell Beautiful Dreamer”, written by Philip Watson and published in 2022, he is defined as “the guitarist who changed the sound of American music”. John Zorn has defined the book as ‘A beautiful and long overdue portrait of one of America’s true living cultural treasures.’ (Source:

To complete the trio, we find Greg Hutchinson on drums. Hutchinson has appeared on over 160 recordings, performing, and recording with countless jazz greats including Betty Carter, Joshua Redman, Dianne Reeves, Wynton Marsalis, John Scofield, Roy Hargrove, Diana Krall and Harry Connick Jr.

Jeff Mills with Jean-Phi Dary & Prabhu Edouard – Tomorrow Comes the Harvest

Photo:  Alfonso Salgueiro/Philharmonie Luxembourg

On February 3rd, the Grand Auditorium of the Philharmonie is transformed into a club for this very special performance.

Jeff Mills comes back to Luxembourg after performing here with the late Tony Allen, the father of AfroBeat music.

The night is all about rhythm as the motor driving the interpretation and enjoyment of music.

Tomorrow Comes the Harvest is a project started by Tony Allen together with Mills to get together and create an improvisational type of music.

It’s all about playing spontaneously.

Soon, Jean-Phi Dary, keyboardist, singer, producer, arranger, and songwriter, joined the unit.

After the passing of Tony Allen in 2020, Jeff Mills and Jean-Phi Dary decided to continue the project inviting other musicians. They decided to invite Prabhu Edouard, one of the most versatile tabla players of his generation, whose cosmopolitan nature and love for experimentation have led him to collaborations across the globe, including an experience of working with Jeff Mills for classical concerts in France.

No matter if it is the gentle trumpet of Ambrose Akinmusire or the rebel rhythm of Jeff Mills, this month the Philharmonie is all about positive vibes.

This is how this venue has transformed itself from a “jazz club” to a “disco” in the past few days. And the journey is not over yet.

Ambrose Akinmusire’s Owl Song feat. Bill Frisell & Gregory Hutchinson

Photo:  Alfonso Salgueiro/Philharmonie Luxembourg

Ambrose Akinmusire trumpet

Bill Frisell guitar

Gregory Hutchinson drums

Jeff Mills with Jean-Phi Dary & Prabhu Edouard“Tomorrow Comes the Harvest”

Photo:  Alfonso Salgueiro/Philharmonie Luxembourg

Jeff Mills, Jean-Phi Dary electronics, keyboards

Prabhu Edouard percussion

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