Creedence Clearwater Revival – Fillmore West San Francisco 1969

(Angelo Maggioni – 5 giugno 2020)

The recording of this second bootleg of the Creedence Clearwater Revival always comes from the mythical Fillmore West; unfortunately there is no indication of the precise date, but the execution of track 4 (Blues Jam) practically identical to that shown on Live on March 13, 1969 (track 2 “Instrumental”), suggests that it is the concert of the March 14, 1969.
Creedence had also played at Fillmore West several evenings between 16 and 19 January 1969, in the company of Fleetwood Mac and Albert Collins.
After the dates of March, the group will hold other concerts in the famous location of San Francisco between 22 and 25 May and 3 December of the same year.
The recording quality of this CD is very good, and therefore you can enjoy a Bootleg and a Proud Mary very similar to the versions on disk (and this was a great feature of Creedence).
Great version instead of Suzie Q, very tight and with an amazing John Fogerty with a series of creepy solos.
The disc ends with I Put Spell on You unfortunately truncated after about a minute.
The CD is produced by “Rock Rare Collection Fetish”

Data: 1969

Track list:
1 -Bootleg
2 – Proud Mary
3 – Suzie -Q
4 –Blues Jam
5 – Ninety-nine and half
6 – I Put Spell on You

Recording quality: Good

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